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Punniest of Show 2022

45th Annual Punniest of Show Live: Music by The Jerrells until 27:33, when emcees explain contest and introduce the judges. Skip to 36:00 to hear first contestant.  (Apologies for the tech problems, i.e. audio drop out at 01:26:00 - 01:29:00.) Go to 01:57:00 when the Punniest of Show winners were announced as 1. Erika Ettin, 2. Gabriela Pedroza, and 3. Amanda Hopkins. Congratulations!

PunSlingers Competition 2022

PunSlingers 2022: Stage setup intermission, skip forward until 7:15, and meet Producer Emeritus Gary Hallock. At 13:50 learn how to play PunSlingers. At 17:00, first round begins. Skip audio drop out 31:00 - 33:46. PunSlingers Vinyl Round starts at 04:26:00 (6:45 pm). Congratulations Punslingers Winners: 1. Dav Wallace, 2. Jerry Yan, and 3. Arune Debray tied with Toby Miceli-Gwiazdowski. McClughan Most Viable Punster Award winner by vote of the contestants: Erika Ettin.

PUNY Social 2022 - Award to Gary Hallock

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